01/16/2013 08:27 EST | Updated 01/16/2013 08:42 EST

Rizwan Qureshi Says Mouse Found In Bread From Swadesh Super Market

kazakh bread

SASKATOON _ A Saskatoon man says he found a live mouse in bread he had just purchased at a neighbourhood supermarket.

Rizwan Qureshi says he bought a package of Crispy, Traditional-Style Tandoori Naan bread from Swadesh Super Market and found the mouse in the bag when he got home.

A video that Qureshi says he filmed on his phone clearly shows a mouse inside the bag.

But when a reporter went to investigate, all that was left of the rodent was a hole and some droppings.

Qureshi said the hole wasn't there when he purchased the bread.

The store's owner says the bread was packaged two weeks ago, and there's no way a mouse could survive that long in the bag.

Ali Kizilbash, president of Twi Foods, said it wouldn't be possible for an animal to survive the intense heat used to seal the bag. He says carbon dioxide and nitrogen are also introduced during packaging to displace any oxygen.

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