01/16/2013 06:59 EST | Updated 03/18/2013 05:12 EDT

Harper Meets Reality Show 'Occupation Double' Winners

Flickr: PM Stephen Harper

OTTAWA - It was a meeting with a decidedly lighter tone than some of the consultations Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been holding recently.

Harper welcomed the winners of the popular Quebec reality TV show "Occupation double" to his office in Ottawa on Wednesday for a brief chat.

He even announced on his Twitter account that he had met with Andreanne Marquis and Hubert Harvey and attached a photo of the meeting.

The goal of the popular "Occupation Double" is for couples to hook up in hopes of finding love and prizes.

The prime minister seemed familiar with the show.

Harper's office set up the meeting after Harvey expressed an interest in the Conservatives and the prime minister during an interview last year.

Asked during a radio interview why Harper was meeting with reality show contestants and not protesting aboriginal leaders, Harvey defended the prime minister.

He said Harper had met with a number of aboriginal leaders and that the meeting with the "Occupation double" winners had been put off several times while Harper attended to more pressing issues.

Protesters have been insisting for weeks that the government concretely address the plight of aboriginal people.

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