01/17/2013 01:17 EST | Updated 03/19/2013 05:12 EDT

Alberta Health Queue-Jumping Inquiry: Nurse Opened Closed Clinic To Give Flu Shot To Friends, Family


CALGARY -- An Edmonton nurse says she opened a closed clinic to give pandemic flu shots to staff, friends and relatives because she didn't want the vaccine to go to waste.

Susan Smith has told Alberta's provincial queue-jumping inquiry that the city's mass public clinics had closed for a few days in 2009 due to a national shortage of the H1N1 vaccine.

She said some mixed, already-open vaccine vials were in a refrigerator at the Boonie Doon Public Health Centre, but they were soon going to go bad.

She decided to give some of the remaining vaccine to 15 people, eight of them children.

She said she felt it was the right thing to do and didn't tell any managers.

At the time, thousands of people were waiting in line for hours at clinics to get the shots.

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