01/23/2013 07:50 EST | Updated 01/28/2013 09:37 EST

Celebrity Beauty: 10 Stars Who Have Aged Gracefully


In show biz, youth is equated with beauty, but we've all seen the terrible lengths some celebrities will go to retain their winning looks. Over botox'd, and under fed is not very becoming, but it has become the norm. That's why it's refreshing to see some celebrities take a more natural route: retaining some of their wrinkles and character, and choosing to age gracefully — and looking so much better for it! Want proof?

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Christy Turlington, 44

Julianne Moore, 52

Naomi Campbell, 42

Catherine Keener, 53

Cindy Crawford, 46

Diane Lane, 47

Emma Thompson, 53

Halle Berry, 46

Helen Mirren, 67

Michelle Yeoh, 49

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