01/17/2013 08:09 EST | Updated 03/19/2013 05:12 EDT

Lisée reaches out to Quebec's English-speaking community

Today Jean-François Lisée, the minister responsible for the anglophone community, is expected to unveil a musical project aimed at strengthening ties between Montreal's French and English-speaking communities.

David Hodges, a Montreal musician, as well as eight other Quebec singers, have teamed up to create "Notre Home."

The project was commissioned last spring by the Quebec Community Groups network, an organization that works with English-speaking communities in the province. According to the group's website, it "illustrates how English-speakers see Quebec as their home."

The song is expected to be released in both French and English.

Lisée has praised the project on his blog, calling it a "musical celebration of young English and French-speaking Quebecers."

Tonight, the minister is also expected to answer questions related to the English-speaking community at a meeting of the Westmount Municipal Assocation at the Westmount Library.

Tensions flare over language issues

The "Notre Home" project comes after recent flares in tension surrounding language issues.

Following the election of the Part-Québécois in September, amendments to the province's language charter, made for a cool climate between some English and French speaking Quebecers.

Several incidents between public transit workers and English-speaking Montrealers added to strained relations, with one case involving a sign in a metro ticket booth that roughly translated as "In Quebec, we do things in French."