01/18/2013 18:39 EST | Updated 03/20/2013 05:12 EDT

Leafs encourage smash and grab

The Toronto Maple Leafs encouraged their fans to smash property on Friday in order to get their hands on a signed hockey sweater.

It's part of the team's campaign to win back fans after a three-month long lockout.

The Leafs put ice sculptures, with the sweaters cleverly frozen inside, at various locations around the city. Fans were told to get them out any way they could.

Ryan Monteith and some friends smashed one outside a Tim Horton's in Leslieville

"Basically allowing people to destroy property in order to, you know, take some memorabilia, I think its a good idea for them," said Monteith.

"I think smashing that [ice sculpture] definitely smoothes a little of of the anger," he said.

The Leafs open their shortened season on Saturday night against the Canadiens in Montreal.