01/21/2013 05:56 EST | Updated 03/23/2013 05:12 EDT

Boundary-Similkameen Candidates Step Down

B.C. Gov
Two candidates in the provincial riding of Boundary-Similkameen have announced they will no longer be running in the upcoming provincial election.

Former Liberal and current MLA John Slater issued a sharply worded statement on Monday morning saying he would no longer be running as an independent because of "the politics of personal destruction."

"I cannot put my family or myself through the continual barrage of innuendos and smear which have been launched against me, and which will continue until I withdraw as a candidate in the upcoming provincial election. So I say, 'Enough,'" Slater said in his statement.

Last week Slater said he believed the Liberals failed to re-nominate him in his riding because some in the party believed he has a drinking problem.

But Slater blamed prescription drugs combined with seasonal antihistamines for making him appear woozy at times, and vowed to run as an independent, until Monday when he reversed his decision.

Meanwhile the NDP candidate in the same riding Marji Basso also stepped down on Monday for 'personal reasons' the party announced on Monday.

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