01/21/2013 09:53 EST | Updated 01/21/2013 09:53 EST

Laureen Harper Joins Twitter, Sends First Tweet To Tony Clement


The prime minister's wife Laureen Harper joined Twitter over the weekend and her debut immediately made a splash on the social network.

Treasury Board President Tony Clement was first to welcome Mrs. Harper by tweeting "Welcome @Laureen_Harper_ to Twitter! At least, I think it's you.."

Mrs. Harper's account has yet to be officially verified by Twitter (like her husband's and those of other public figures), but, according to Sun Media's David Akin, the PM's director of communications Andrew MacDougall has confirmed that the account is the real deal.

Mrs. Harper was quick to respond to Clement, but displayed that she is definitely a novice to the whole tweeting thing.

Her first, and so far only, tweet was sent to Clement without the @TonyClementCPC handle that ensures the minister will see the post. "Thanks, Tony. You'll have to give me some pointers to get started."

Clement was unfazed and shot back: "Be yourself. And don't call anyone a jackass..." in reference to an infamous Twitter spat in which the minister called an Ontario teen who corrected his spelling a "jackass." After the argument made headlines, Clement apologized.


Other users were also quick to welcome Mrs. Harper, with many pointing out that the Internet shares her and her husband's well-known affection for cats.

Mrs. Harper's Twitter bio draws attention to this, reading: "From Turner Valley. Wife of PM Harper and mother to Ben and Rachel. Lover of animals. Must have items include: hiking boots, snowshoes and tents."

Her account has already broken 1,000 followers.

She is currently following around 120 accounts herself, the vast majority of which are charities and Conservative MPs and aides. She is following her husband @PMHarper and he is following her back.

Let the countdown to their first exchange begin.