01/21/2013 05:12 EST

Seal Jumps On Boat Off Australian Coast (VIDEO)

A video of a cute seal that jumped on a boat and wouldn't let go is generating buzz online.

It happened off the coast of Brisbane, Australia, and the Murray family was there to catch all of the fur seal's shenanigans on video.

"It was like this little dog that went up the side of the boat and then lay down at the front of the boat. Amazing," Kerry Gannon, a friend of the family, told the Brisbane Times.

The adventurous animal, which the family named "Salty," hitched a ride for 30 minutes before the Murrays kicked it off.

A marine biologist from the area theorized the seal may have jumped on the boat to avoid sharks, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

On occasion, scarier underwater creatures have also been known to get up close and personal with boats. In 2011, a great white shark almost landed in a boat off the coast of South Africa, and last year a humpback whale narrowly missed a fishing vessel off the B.C. coast after leaping in to the air.

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