01/22/2013 08:18 EST | Updated 03/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Partying Teens Vandalize Kelowna Home

A Kelowna couple want the people who trashed their house during a wild teen party to come forward and pay for repairs.

RCMP say vandals deliberately destroyed the home after word spread on social media that the parents were away on a weekend ski-trip.

Their teenaged son posted details about the upcoming party on Facebook and on Saturday night nearly 100 people showed up.

Homeowner Katie Poppy believes many of them came to wreck the house. When she and her partner returned home they were devastated.

"[They] destroyed the house, They made it unlivable," said Poppy.

"Our kitchen table and dining room table are broken and chunks of wood everywhere."

"We have a flat screen TV and they threw that through our bedroom window."

The vandals poured bleach and other liquids on all their clothing and bedding. The total damage is estimated at $20,000.

But one party-goer took 12 minutes of video before the destruction took place, and Poppy has turned that video over to police.

She is asking those in the video, or their parents, to do the right thing and help pay for repairs.

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