01/22/2013 05:40 EST

Lady Travels Dating Website Offers Female Travellers, Lonely Men A Chance To Hook Up


Valentine's Day is less than a month away, meaning now marks the period when lovestruck couples plan their romantic getaways in time for February 14. Between the stories of people falling in love during their travels and the promotional gimmicks offered by companies, it's easy to see how travel and romance can go hand-in-hand.

But where does this leave all the single people yearning for something more than solo travel?

Well, for single women who are pressed for cash but want to see the world, and men with too much cash but are tired of travelling alone, Lady Travels may have the solution to their (uncommon) problem. The website works something like meets OkCupid by pairing "beautiful, fun and adventurous" women who feel comfortable travelling on someone else's dime with men who have, well, plenty of dimes.

As the company's ad puts it, Lady Travels helps women "effortlessly find doctors, lawyers, CEOs and millionaires all of whom are committed to giving you the vacation you deserve." Women and men can sign up by creating an online profile and are categorized as "attractive voyagers" or "generous voyagers." "Attractive voyagers" are those who are beautiful, adventurous and interested in travelling for free, while "generous voyagers" are individuals who seek the company of an "attractive voyager" and are willing to pay all of their travel expenses.

The site doesn't explicitly state that men must be the "generous voyager," but given its "ladies travel for free" tagline, it's safe to assume that leaves men as the ones who pay for everything, or what's more commonly known as "sugar daddies."

Earlier this month, Whistler, a popular ski resort in British Columbia, Canada, was voted as the best place to "hook up with rich, older men", in a poll by The site's founder, Brandon Wade, has spoken on the definition of "sugar daddies," saying the modern version is "a guy who's wealthy, who's a gentleman and loves to spoil and pamper," according to an interview with Global TV Edmonton.

Falling in line with that definition, Lady Travels also allows for the "generous voyager" to pay for the "attractive voyager" to travel to their hometown, or have the "generous voyager" fly out to meet the other person. The process sounds simple enough, but not everyone can join, as the company reserves the right to restrict membership. As the website states in a note after users enter their date of birth, name, gender and city, "We don't accept anybody [sic]. Every membership request is reviewed by and we only pick the best to get our exclusive membership." The site doesn't list its standards for members, but like all social media networks, suggests exercising caution and common sense when meeting strangers.

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