01/24/2013 06:50 EST | Updated 01/25/2013 09:11 EST

Epic Meal Time Jamie Oliver: Chef Gets Kidnapped, Held Hostage By Canadians

You've just entered Jamie Oliver's worst nightmare: Being tied up with candy, kidnapped and gagged with candied bacon.

In a fun (and pretty convincing) episode of Canadian food series Epic Meal Time, the British chef is located, kidnapped and forced to listen to the team create a giant fast food fish and chips filet sandwich.

And this is not just any sandwich — it's one with a whopping total of 59,144 calories and 2,840 grams of fat. Delicious.

Trapped in a fridge, Oliver yells out 'pink slime', 'nuggets' and at one point, he's even caught drinking whiskey. For the chef, known for his healthy cooking lifestyle and Food Revolution campaign aimed at getting people to eat and cook real food, this might as well have been one of the circles of hell.

And though he may hate our country's love for bacon, Oliver is no stranger to Canadian soil. Last summer, he partnered up with Canadian chef Derek Dammann to open up a new restaurant in Montreal called Maison Publique, according to The National Post. Frankly, if you're geared toward healthy food, there may be better locations to choose in our fair nation than the home of poutine, smoked meat and a chef who can't get enough of foie gras.

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