01/25/2013 07:00 EST | Updated 01/25/2013 07:04 EST

Police Officer Racing To Tim Hortons In Calgary Disciplined (VIDEO)

One of the officers seen in a YouTube video seemingly drag racing a colleague to a Tim Hortons has been disciplined, the Calgary Police Service says.

The video, shot by a driver who stopped behind the two cruisers -- and beside a third and unmarked police car -- as all three waited for a red light, resulted in calls by police brass for the officers involved to come forward.

All the members involved in the overly ironic video, of what looks like police officers playing into the stereotype and racing for donuts, have come forward.

One of the officers has been punished but what level of discipline was administered was not made public, The Calgary Sun reported.

The other two officers spoke with their supervisors but no action was taken against them, The Sun added.

How the donut-hungry officer was disciplined can't be made public because it's a human resources matter, Insp. Kevin Brookwell told the Calgary Herald.

“Because it’s HR related and discipline related, we can’t get into that,” Brookwell said, adding it was determined the officers were not heading to a call at the time the video was shot.

“The matter was resolved within provisions of the Police Act.”

The 57-second clip, uploaded on Jan 20, 2013 and posted by YouTube member boundaryzero, shows two marked cars stopped side-by-side at a red light.

When the light turns green, the two cars dart from the line with one managing a considerable lead. A speedometre reading on the video shows the two cars never seem to break the speed limit and goes on to show the two police cruisers taking different entrances into the Timmy's parking lot.

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