01/30/2013 07:50 EST | Updated 01/31/2013 12:38 EST

Wardrobe Fix: 5 Tips For Streamlining Your Closet


Every woman has her own reason for avoiding the great “wardrobe cull”: lack of time, fear of choice, and, my personal favourite, potential future weight loss. Make this the year you streamline your wardrobe with these five simple tips.

1. Eliminate duplicates. That’s an easy start, right? How many cute little boyfriend blazers or A-line skirts do you really need? Keep your favourites and eliminate any that are fading or beginning to show signs of wear and tear.

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2. Eliminate items you don’t wear. You know exactly which items these are. You’ve been holding on to them because you got them on sale but can never find the right outfit or occasion to pull them out of the closet. Make 2013 the year you set them free.

3. Eliminate items not in your current size. Here’s your mantra: Does this flatter my figure? Forget the size on the label. Try everything on and take a critical look at yourself in the mirror. If you don’t like what you see, pass it on to charity or a friend. You’ll feel great when you can wear everything in your closet and when everything in your closet makes you feel great.

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4. Organize what’s left. This is the fun part. Create a system that works best for you. Either be category, outfit, or colour. Buy good-quality hangers and closet organizers for hard-to-hang items.

5. Shop for missing or required items. Actually, this is the really fun part. Now that you’ve streamlined your wardrobe, you probably realize you need a few key staples. With your new system in place, you know exactly what to buy.

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