01/28/2013 09:59 EST | Updated 03/11/2013 04:42 EDT

Pregnant Kate Middleton Shops At The Gap For Maternity Wear

Kate Middleton was out and about over the weekend indulging in one of her (and our) favourite pastimes: shopping.

She's long been a frequent High Street shopper, looking for diamond-in-the-rough fashions at affordable prices. But the store she hit-up this weekend has some people surprised.

According to People Magazine, the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, spent a bunch of her clothes-buying hours at the Gap — yes, the same store many people have decried as being "uncool." (Though, frankly, we've been fans of the retailer since they made the first bright, stripey sweater cool in the 90s.)

So what was on the Duchess's must-buy list? According to, jeggings. The online news sources quotes a shopper as saying: "She was looking for jeggings, which are jeans that look like leggings, as she said she liked very skinny jeans,” the source reported. Unfortunately, Catherine left the store empty handed — the Gap didn't sell pants in the length she was looking for.

Sources say Catherine travelled to High Street to build a new wardrobe as she enters her second trimester carrying the Royal baby. And though she's expected to take a break from the public eye for the next bit, it's believed we'll be seeing her in every day places, including Starbucks.

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