01/28/2013 03:48 EST | Updated 01/28/2013 07:54 EST

Lance Armstrong, 'Creep': Oprah Winfrey Interview Appropriately Recut Into Radiohead Cover (VIDEO)

Watch video here.

Editing a public figure's words into song form has been an Internet pastime since at least that time last summer when Baracks Dubs went viral with an edit of the U.S. President crooning the Canadian classic, 'Call Me Maybe.' But that was just a fun lark by a Youtuber with too much time on his hands (as evidenced by all of his other videos).

This supercut slices a bit deeper. Using only footage from Lance Armstrong's insta-infamous interview with Oprah, Matthijs Vlot reassembles Armstrong's epic dissembling into a supercut cover Radiohead's 90s smash, "Creep."

It is simply one of those perfect things, as we were totally thinking he was both a creep and a weirdo while Armstrong, no doubt, was quickly wondering, "what the hell am I doing here?"

Next up, please someone edit Lance to sing Patsy Cline's "Your Cheating Heart Will Tell On You."

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