01/30/2013 05:42 EST | Updated 01/30/2013 08:49 EST

Canada vs. Australia: Rap Battle Determines Who's Killing The Earth Faster (VIDEO)

Who's killing the Earth and its inhabitants faster: Canada or Australia?

On one hand, Canada has the oilsands, known for its carbon emissions and those ubiquitous photos of sludgy looking tailings ponds.

But meanwhile in Australia, they've got one of the top-polluting power stations in the world, a dying barrier reef, wildfires and temperatures so hot that they had to add new colours to the heat map scale.

To find out who's the true nemesis of mother nature, we're turning to "investigative rap-journalism" for the answer.

Juice Rap News' latest YouTube video pits Canada's Fagin Heighbard (say it fast with a heavy Canadian accent) and Australia's Ken Oathcarn in an epic rap battle to determine who's best at being the worst.

The video even touches on Canada's and Australia's histories with their aboriginal populations and name-checks Idle No More.

Watch above and tell us in the comments who you think won.

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