01/30/2013 02:10 EST | Updated 07/29/2013 04:38 EDT

Jaskaran Sandhu Dead: Murder Victim Escaped Previous Attack

Jaskaran Singh Sandhu who was found dead this week in a rural area in Surrey, B.C. survived a different targeted attack last year.

Sandhu, 26, was identified by the RCMP on Tuesday, a day after his body was discovered near the side of the road. Police don't know if he was killed at that location or just dumped there.

"Mr. Sandhu was known to police and the victim of a targeted attack. Investigators continue to search for the motive behind his killing including the possibility of being gang related," said RCMP Cpl. Adam MacIntosh in a news release.

Sandhu was shot several times by a lone gunman in the parking lot of a Mr. Lube business in Coquitlam 2011, reported The Province.

Sandhu was expected to testify against a Surrey man charged in that shooting, reported The Vancouver Sun.

The newspaper said that Sandhu, who had a criminal record, was charged with two firearms offences in May 2010 but those were stayed.