01/30/2013 11:52 EST | Updated 01/31/2013 08:57 EST

We Are Family: 17 Musical Siblings From Tegan And Sara To Beyonce And Solange


Talent runs in the family. Or at least that’s what we can take away from the barrage of musical siblings who’ve honed long, memorable, and – at the very least – interesting careers.

Consider Noel and Liam Gallagher, whose antics are now what makes them famous, or Beyoncé and Solange, who are not only beloved by presidents, but by anyone with an appreciation for confidence. (B is even a good lip-syncer!) And then there are all the family bands from the Beach Boys to the Allman Brothers to Hanson.

So in celebration of talented musical families, we’ve rounded up the crème de la crème of musical siblings just in time for Tegan and Sara’s latest record. (Oh, and sorry K-Ci and Jo Jo, maybe you’ll make the cut next year.)

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