Winter Blues: 5 Sexy Ways To Beat The Winter Blues Together

Oh baby, it's cold outside.

With a mix of gloomy (and freezing) weather conditions, extra layers of clothes and all that shovelling one has to do, we often forget the sexy side of winter.

And with recent temperatures nowhere close to sunny blue skies, why not try escape the winter blues with the person you care about the most? Stay indoors, plan some winter activities or just start thinking about your next vacation.

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LOOK: 5 easy ways to escape the winter blues:

5 Sexy Ways To Beat The Winter Blues


Whether you go to a nearby studio or do a video in your living room, practising yoga is a therapeutic way to combat inertia. Activate your heart chakra with back bends and eagle pose, and improve circulation with sun salutations. Sure, yoga is about focusing inward, but it can't hurt to steal a few glances of your sweetie striking a dashing warrior pose, right? The mix of active and relaxation poses will make you feel refreshed in body, mind and spirit.

Have Mexican Night:

If you can't make it to a warm, sandy beach this winter, then you'll just have to bring paradise to you — or Mexican Night! Mix margaritas, make homemade salsa and fry up some fish tacos or fajitas. The spicy food and fresh ingredients will warm up your kitchen, even if it's still seventeen-below outside.

Stay In Bed:

Spend a weekend day in bed with your partner. Begin with breakfast in bed, then watch a movie or episodes of your favourite TV show on your iPad. Bring stacks of books and magazines and the Saturday newspaper into bed with you. It's too cold to go outside, anyway, so you may as well hunker down and get cozy between the sheets!

Go Ice Skating:

If hibernating's not your thing, bundle up in warm clothing and hit your local skating rink. You'll definitely generate some heat as you and your beloved glide, hand-in-hand, around the rink. Take turns showing off your moves, no matter how amateur or professional they may be, and don't forget to break for hot chocolate!

Plan Your Vacation:

What could be better than spending a dark, frigid evening planning your summer getaway? Whether you're on vacation in Italy, or taking a canoe trip through your favourite national park, you'll get into a summer frame of mind by planning all of the fun things you'll do together while on holiday. From touring the Forum in Rome, to cliff-jumping in cottage country, planning the logistics of your warm-weather trip will help you forget about all of the ice and slush outside your front door.