02/01/2013 08:22 EST | Updated 04/03/2013 05:12 EDT

Vancouver Store Hit By Car For 10th Time

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A Vancouver woman is calling on the city to take action, after yet another car careened into her store on the intersection at Granville Street and 12th Avenue.

Andrea Molner has owned Bacci's, a designer clothing store, for 27 years. In that time, 10 cars have crashed into her building.

Molner says she's been complaining about the intersection for more than a decade.

"I've approached the city to see if we could put something up here to protect the building, but I've been told that city property cannot be used to protect private property," she said.

Molner attributes the problem to speeding drivers and the timing of one particular traffic light near her store.

"It's an ongoing problem, with people running the light....If you drive down Granville when there is no traffic and get green at 41st, you will make every green light, but you won't make 12th."

Bacci's is not the only business hit by traffic on the intersection. Two banks and a clothing store on the other three corners have also been the victims to ricocheting cars.

No one at City Hall was available to explain what the city plans to do about the intersection, although one person who did not wish to be named said staff will be reviewing the intersection with the police and ICBC.

Molner says this is not good enough -- and one of these days, a pedestrian is going to be walking by.

"Hopefully this will be the last time...if this happened in the daytime, there would have been injuries."

ICBC says it has never been asked by the city to review the intersection.