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Bodyweight Exercises: Sweat It Out With These 44 Moves (VIDEO)

If we've learned anything from bootcamp fitness classes, it's that when people stand at a distance and yell at you, you're more likely to get your butt moving (no matter how much you may hate them at the time). But if there's anything we've learned from this video, it's that a full day of yelling could never get our bodies to do these moves.

The video, by Tee (Thomas) Major , who works as a fitness instructor for members of the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Marine, Army and Coast Guard consists of 44 of the most terrifying bodyweight exercises we've ever seen.

Now even though Major starts with so-called simple exercises like mountain climbers, push-ups and burpees, he adds in moves that no one should attempt alone: the human hanging wiper (imagine your body moving like a windshield wiper), the clap pull-up and the lalanne push-up — which are push-ups on do on your fingertips.

In all fairness, Major, as well as many other professionals, is trained to perform these types of exercises. For the average person, these exercises should fall into the look-but-don't-touch category to help see what the ultimate in fitness can help you achieve.

And yet, while some of these moves seem impossible (like when Major literally looks like he's flying after doing a push-up), adding in modifications like push-ups from your knees or starting with a regular burpee and moving into a one-legged burpee can simplify the exercise for your own regimen.

Of course, don't ever attempt an exercise with which you're not 100 per cent comfortable. Not only can it lead to injuries and stress, but one study found exercising too much can even lead to heart rhythm abnormalities, according to the Daily Mail.

But for the most part, bodyweight exercises are a great way to build core strength, increase flexibility and burn fat quickly — and if you're doing it at your own pace, who can argue with that?

Ready to start with some easier moves? Here are 10 exercises you can do on your hardwood floor — we recommend starting out with 15 to 20 sets and only adding weights when you're ready:

10 Exercises To Do At Home
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