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Beauty Tips: Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

The joy of makeup is how it can be used to play up or play down specific features that we love or loathe. If you’ve always wanted to maximize the impact your eyes have, there are certain tips to keep in mind when choosing what you apply to the eye to make them appear larger. Not all of us can be doe-eyed first thing in the morning, so read on for a few key pointers!

1. Shape your brows: If you have small eyes, it is imperative that you maximize the lid space between your lashline and brow by having well-groomed brows with a clean arch to free up any lid space that is occupied by stray hairs.

2. Opt for lighter eyeshadows: When you are choosing which colours to use on your lids, go back to basics. Lighter shadows create brightness and openness, whereas darker shadows create depth and recede the lid. Light, neutral shadows shot through with a touch of iridescence or shimmer will open up the eye dramatically versus darker shadows.

3. Use a flesh-toned eyeliner: Opt for a flesh-toned pencil like MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in “NW25/NC30” ($18, on the waterline for an eye-opening effect that will make the whites of your eyes appear larger and will counteract redness, which will make eyes look more alert and awake.

4. Use a light hand with dark colours: A very precise, fine application of black eyeliner with focus on keeping colour as close to the lashline as possible is highly encouraged to make eyes appear larger. Be sure to avoid thick eyeliner, which can take up lid space and make the eyes appear heavy and small.

5. Take your time with mascara: When applying mascara, curl lashes beforehand and focus on fanning lashes out with the mascara wand; inner corner lashes should be directed towards the bridge of the nose, middle lashes should be directed towards brows and outer corner lashes should be flicked out with the wand towards the temples.

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