02/05/2013 01:37 EST

Langley Boys Who Lied To Police Punished

Two B.C. boys who lied about an attempted abduction will have to perform yard work for the man they falsely accused in a police report.

According to Langley RCMP, the boys told their parents and police that a man in a vehicle pulled up beside them as they were walking on Jan. 15. They said the driver told them to get in.

As part of the police investigation, the 11-year-old boys provided details to a sketch artist. A composite image was sent to media in hopes of identifying the suspect.

A man came forward to police to say he looked like the sketch. After being questioned again, the boys admitted they made up the whole incident, said RCMP Cpl. Holly Marks in a news release on Tuesday. In fact, they had knocked on the man's door and then ran away.

Marks said such false reports can be damaging for several reasons. It can damage the reputation of an innocent person, and also de-sensitize the public to real reports, she said.

The boys cannot be charged for filing a false report because of their age.

Marks said the pair have apologized to the man, reported The Province. Their parents have also arranged for them to do yard work at his house.

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