02/05/2013 12:15 EST | Updated 02/05/2013 12:18 EST

Turn-Offs For Men And Women Include Bad Breath And Grooming, Canadian Sex Survey Reveals

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It's not us, it's you... or more specifically, your hygiene.

Many of Canadians' biggest turn-offs in the bedroom are related to cleanliness, according to an extensive survey developed by Playtex in time for Valentine's Day. The report, which surveyed 1,003 sexually-active adults between the ages of 18 and 49, listed problems such as perspiration and poor grooming as major turn-offs, along with other issues like selfishness, or habits like baby talk. It also said 73 per cent of Canadians were satisfied with their sex lives (although only 28 per cent said they were "very satisfied").

That's not to say great sex is all about grooming; Canadians revealed other factors that would lead to more satisfaction between the sheets included better physique, spontaneity and romance, the report said.

So what else turns your partner off? Find out in the slideshow below.

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