02/06/2013 01:22 EST

Sean Lowe's Lake Louise Plunge Tests Contestants On ‘The Bachelor' (VIDEO)

If Sean Lowe's ready to take the matrimonial plunge, he may as well start with a plunge into near-frozen Lake Louise.

For Lowe, the latest star of the "The Bachelor," jumping from Lake Louise's icy shore into the nearly frozen Alberta lake was just one of the many things that must've had him and his entourage of bachelorettes wondering this week how far they would go for love.

The Lake Louise episode of the U.S. series aired Tuesday night but was filmed in and around Lake Louise in Banff National Park last October.

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Reaction To The Bachelor Filming In Banff

During the Tuesday' night episode, the lusty and often catty gang found itself in the Canadian Rockies during shoulder season, a time of year when travelers can't be criticized for packing swimwear and snow shoes.

Thus, in this particular episode, the cast found themselves paddling canoes on, and swimming in, Lake Louise. They also found themselves on a glacier excursion, in a whiteout, on a horse-drawn carriage and sharing romantic moments in an ice castle.

The harsh exposure to the elements empowered one of the show's most controversial contestants, according to Calgary blogger XOXO Jes.

"They are in the water all of five seconds before they get out and are covered with towels and heating blankets.. Oh well, except for Tierra, who basically fights off the medics who are having to attack her with the heating blankets as she uses this incident to draw every ounce of attention to herself like she is about to die," says Jess.

"Tierra is then up in her hotel room getting oxygen and acting like she is near death and is told she can miss the rest of the group date."

There was one bachelorette who refused to take the icy plunge: Selma. So, Lowe refused to give Selma a rose.

The cool nature of Alberta nature in late fall may have taken a few of the ladies by surprise but, when all is said and done, the program does show the group staying in classic, iconic and warm Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.