02/06/2013 10:40 EST

Dogs Stolen With Vancouver Truck


An agonizing night for a couple of pet owners turned to relief on Wednesday as two dogs who were stolen along with a truck in Vancouver were found.

The dogs, Harriet and Friday, were found by RCMP inside the abandoned 2006 Ford Ranger pickup truck in Agassiz, said Creature Comforts, a pet care company, on its Facebook page.

RCMP said the dogs were unharmed. Police continue to look for the truck thief.

The truck was taken on Tuesday afternoon as a staff member was dropping off a dog at East 11th Avenue and Clark Drive.

There were four dogs inside the truck at the time but the thief allegedly kicked two of the animals out at some point, according to the company's Facebook page.

"It's a nightmare," Creature Comforts owner Amy Vills told The Province.

The case attracted lots of attention across the Lower Mainland. "We are overjoyed and overwhelmed with appreciation for everyone's help! Thank you!" said a post on the company's Facebook page on Wednesday.

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