02/07/2013 12:35 EST | Updated 04/09/2013 05:12 EDT

Burns Lake Chief, Councillor Asked To Resign

Some members of the Burns Lake Indian Band are demanding their chief and a councillor resign, over concerns relating to natural resource development projects.

Chief Albert Gerow and Coun. Dan George have been asked to step down by Coun. Ron Charlie and some members of the on-reserve community.

"A lot of the members are afraid of what Albert and Dan are agreeing to behind closed doors and without any consultation with on-reserve members,” Charlie said.

Critics say Gerow hasn't consulted with people living on reserve about potential natural resource development projects, particularly involving oil and gas.

Charlie has also asked the Department of Aboriginal Affairs to conduct a forensic audit of the band's finances.

But Gerow says he's been more than transparent.

"We've gone to the extent of having a dinner meeting where consultants came up from Vancouver and made presentation to the band members, all the economic activities that we're pursuing,” he said.

"And so anyone who doesn't know what's happening in the Burns Lake Band, it's only because they're choosing not to know."

Gerow says he will continue to serve as chief and reach out to those living on reserve.

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