02/07/2013 02:45 EST | Updated 04/09/2013 05:12 EDT

Children's ministry takes B.C. mother's children after impaired-driving incident

KELOWNA, B.C. - A 36-year-old B.C. woman who faces charges related to impaired driving has been forced to turn over two children to the province's Ministry of Children.

The RCMP say police were called Wednesday after a blue Volvo smashed into a parked vehicle and continued driving in the wrong lane, and when officers arrived, the car attempted to flee.

The Mounties say there was a three-year-old child in the car, and the driver was on her way to pick up her six year old.

The RCMP say the woman had alcohol on her breath, and a breathalyzer recorded a blood-alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit.

Both children are now in the care of Children and Family Development officials.

The woman is expected to face charges of impaired driving and failing to remain at the scene of an accident.