02/07/2013 01:44 EST | Updated 02/08/2013 04:06 EST

Eric Petersen's Craigslist Ad Seeks Valentine's Weekend 'Girl-Friend'


With Valentine's Day fast-approaching, what's a single guy not looking for love to do but take out a Craigslist ad.

Newly-single Edmonton man Eric Petersen is looking for someone to hold his hand on Valentine's Day, someone to be "lovey-dovey with," someone to attend all those obligatory Valentine's events with ... and to go her separate way when the holiday is done.

"I do want a girlfriend - I just don't really want one right now," says the ad, which comes complete with a litany of pictures of Petersen.

"After enduring the Christmas/New-Year season and all of it's 'couple oriented' festivities, I'm looking for a girl-friend to hold hands with on Valentines Day."

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Eric Peters' Valnetine's Ad Reaction

The ad states the weekend-long date may comprise of dining in/dining out, taking long walks or crashing "a wedding reception at a seedy hotel somewhere on the outskirts of the city."

It also promises that Petersen is a great cuddler, with references from several sources, "and not just from my mother," and volunteers to be the designated driver for the duration of the date.

"I figured that this may be the ONLY time in my life I have to do something so whimsical/spontaneous/irresponsible so here I am," he says.

"It took me a few days to get up the courage to post this ad, but now I'm super excited about the possibility. I was raised by 4 sisters (like being raised by wolves, only instead of claws and teeth, they had eyeliner and mascara)."

"Like me, you have probably spent the past year doing one (or more) of the following:

- working on your career/jorb (not a typo)

- volunteering in youth programs

- training for a race of some sort

- painting the finishing details on your Battlestar Galactica figurines."

The ad asks for interested parties to send "a clear picture," and a bio of no more than 396 words.

This is not the first time an Edmonton Craigslist ad has made headlines this year.

Last month, a devout "Star Trek: The Next Generation" fan, took out an ad on the classifieds website under Personals and Strictly Platonic, seeking two to three women to join him in Star Trek role play -- role play that would fall short of physical contact.

The author of the ad, titled "Make It So," spelled out a long list of guidelines the respondents must adhere to, including cast preferences, series knowledge, costume and props requirements, willingness to act in his mom's garage and to have a complete understanding that there would be "no funny business."