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Tegan And Sara: Grammy Awards Nominees Joke About Being 'Power Drunk,' Downplay Chances (VIDEO)

Twin sister musical duo Tegan And Sara scored a nomination in the Best Long Form Music Video category at the 2013 Grammy Awards for their DVD, "Get Along."

It's gone to their heads.

"We're power drunk," says Tegan Quin in a video interview for Canadian Press.

Seriously though, Sara Quin says they're just pleased to be in the game.

"We're really thrilled to be Grammy nominated," she says, before adding, "It's the kind of thing that whether you believe, or buy into these systems of grading and competition and something's better than someone else's art or whatever it doesn't matter. Because your parents love it, your friends think it's cool."

Do the twins think they're going to bring home a trophy on Feb. 10? Not so much.

"My mom's like, 'I think you're going to win,' says Tegan, whose response to her mother was deflating. 'Mom, we're up against Mumford & Sons and U2. You're high.' I was like, 'You wanna go? We'll send you down there.' But she didn't want to go, so she doesn't think we're going to win that much."

Watch the video interview above.

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