02/09/2013 04:35 EST | Updated 02/09/2013 04:41 EST

Best Travel Photos Of The Week: Pictures That Will Make You Forget About All That Snow

Samantha Phelan

It’s snow joke: this week's big travel story came courtesy of two epic snowstorms that continue to wreak havoc in parts of Canada and the United States. Horrible puns aside, the two storms have caused thousands of cancellations on both sides of the border and plenty of headaches for travellers looking for a flight.

Now, Canadians are no strangers to snow and some have even been known to embrace it as part of their travels. But rather than round-up more snowy snapshots that have probably filled up your Facebook walls and Twitter feeds by now, a decision was made to be different with this week's theme of "no snow."

For example, take the flurry-free shots Dalene and Peter Heck snapped of Lake Atitlan while travelling in the town of Panajachel in Guatemala. And for those who are sick of shovelling driveways and sidewalks, Melissa Medeiros highlights Australia's best coastal spots where the walks there only involve a white, sandy beach.

So, for globe-trotters looking for a change from a blustering wall of snow, take a look at what some of Canada's travellers have been up to this week in the gallery below.

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