02/12/2013 07:05 EST | Updated 04/14/2013 05:12 EDT

Inquest for Manitoba woman who died after being discharged from ER

WINNIPEG - An inquest will be held into the death of a 68-year old Winnipeg woman after being sent home from an emergency room.

Heather Brenan had multiple medical problems and went to Seven Oaks hospital's emergency ward complaining of weakness, and difficulty swallowing in January 2012.

Brenan was discharged after three days and collapsed at the doorway of her home.

She was rushed back to hospital, where she died the next day.

The manner of death was determined to be from natural causes, but the inquest will look at hospital policy regarding her release, the circumstances relating to her death, and if anything could be done to prevent similar deaths from occurring.

Information as to the date, time, and location of the inquest will be released at a later date.