02/13/2013 07:22 EST | Updated 04/15/2013 05:12 EDT

BC Liberal Ads: NDP Says Taxpayers Will Be Charged $16.4 Million

VICTORIA - The NDP says it has discovered the Liberal government is spending more money on self-promoting ads, with still more ads to come.

During the first Question Period of the new session of B.C. legislature today, NDP leader Adrian Dix said leaked government documents show the ads will cost taxpayers $16.4 million, with the Liberals planning new ads to promote the upcoming budget.

He demanded the government ban partisan advertising, especially in the run-up to the provincial election.

Premier Christy Clark defended the ads, saying they make the NDP uncomfortable because they show the success of the Liberals' job creation plan, which she claims puts B.C. in first place in job creation in Canada.

But Dix says the real figures show B.C. is eighth place when it comes to job creation.

Meanwhile, Jobs Minister Pat Bell accused the NDP of spending more than the Liberals on government ads when it was in power in the 1990's.

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