02/13/2013 02:17 EST | Updated 02/13/2013 05:18 EST

Remembering Calgary's 1988 Winter Olympic Games During Their 25th Anniversary


It was 25 years ago today that the eyes of the world turned on Calgary.

The legacy of Calgary '88 is still everywhere in the city.. the Saddledome is still the city's most visited venue for sport and entertainment, Calgarians still talk about the games fondly and with pride, and the ski jumps still loom high above Canada Olympic Park, reminding all heading west that they are departing an Olympic city.

But as the quarter-century anniversary of the games rolled into town, Calgarians shared their memories, many churning up events and details that have slowly fallen out of the city's Olympic lore.

Who remembers the chants of the games, how volunteers were everywhere and they were likely the friendliest bunch of hosts humanity has every put together in one geographical area?

How about the icy duel of Brian Boitano and Brian Orser, the endless sex appeal of Katarina Witt and the can-do attitude of Eddy 'The Eagle' Edwards?

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On Facebook, Lois McCabe Pinnell remembers how the Vancouver games weren't k.d. lang's first Olympic appearance, while Carleen Detbrenner Jenkins recalled how, "We needed more snow."

Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics Legacy Thrives Because Of Foresight

For many, just looking up at the Calgary Tower is a reminder of the Olympic Torch, which was a miniature version of the iconic structure.

And then there's David Foster's Winter Games theme..