Harlem Shake: Canada Joins Viral Dance Craze With University Of Toronto, Guelph And Western (VIDEO)

We're only 44 days into the new year and the new dance craze for 2013 is already here.

Meet the Harlem Shake. Yes, we know what you're thinking — this dance craze isn't new. The Shake dates back almost 30 years to the '80s, and became a phenomenon in hip-hop music videos in 2001, according to

But this latest trend isn't your traditional Harlem Shake. One YouTube video posted on Feb. 2, featuring four people in masks and costumes thrusting away may be the reason we already have a Gangnam Style of 2013. And Canadians aren't being shy about jumping on the bandwagon either — several universities, workplaces and families have already posted videos online, including a subway version from Montreal, an indoors and outdoors version from The University Of Guelph and a giant lecture version from the University of Toronto.

Using the 'Harlem Shake' song by Baauer, all the videos start with a room full of people, and one person wearing a mask and making a thrusting motion. As everyone appears to ignore the random person dancing, a quick video jump cuts to everyone in the frame (in most cases) dancing with foreign objects, gyrating on the floor, dry humping walls, stuffed toys, and each other.

Hundreds of versions on YouTube, including ones from the Norwegian army, Maker Studios and even an underwater one by the University of Georgia's men swimming team, have brought in millions of views in the last couple of weeks. University campuses are undeniably the most popular spots to recreate the dance, probably because it's the easiest place to get a large group of people together to, well, act pretty ridiculously.

What do you think? Are you already annoyed or running to your computer to make your own version? Let us know in the comments below: