02/14/2013 09:11 EST | Updated 04/16/2013 05:12 EDT

Sexist Tweets Aimed At Female Politicians Captured On Blog

Madam Premier Tumblr
A local communications consultant says she's shocked at the frequency of sexist comments on social media directed at female premiers.

Diamond Isinger — a consultant and political ally of the Liberal Party — has been compiling vulgar tweets directed at B.C. Premier Christy Clark and other female politicians on a Tumblr page called Madam Premier.

"It's to be expected that there's always going to be criticism of people in public life but a lot them were extremely nasty, extremely inappropriate and in a lot of cases extremely sexist," she said.

Isinger, who has compiled more than 100 tweets, says sexism is still rampant in Canadian politics even though there are six female premiers in the country.

Clark says she hasn't seen the site but applauds the idea.

"If that vitriolic anger that we see directed at women is collected in one place for all of us to get a chance to talk about, I think that's a major contribution that having women in public office will make to our country and to our civic life,” Clark said.

Isinger says she'll keep updating the website as long as she continues to see sexist tweets.

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