02/14/2013 05:14 EST | Updated 02/14/2013 05:21 EST

Southsiders Kicked Out Of Canucks Game For Cheering


Two boisterous soccer fans were ejected from Rogers Arena after trying to bring some zip to a Vancouver Canucks game.

The fans were are part of a group called the Southsiders that frequent Vancouver Whitecaps games. They wanted to bring some soccer energy to the NHL match, but were instead kicked out on Tuesday night, reported The Vancouver Sun.

The Southsiders brought their characteristic singing and chanting to the hockey game — which drew the attention of Canucks security.

Two or three members were ejected and the remaining fans were told that people could only stand in the back row, said Southsiders president Brett Graham.

"Like, really was it hurting anyone? I really don't think so," he told The Sun.

Victor de Bonis, the Canucks' chief operating officer, told 24 Hours Vancouver that he personally enjoyed the Southsiders' presence but said there was no prior awareness that they would attend the game.

He added that the Southsiders created "sight line" issues for some fans and that staff reminded them about it "four or five times."

The Southsiders forum lit up with comments after the game, with user "DaveyB" remarking that the "atmosphere at Canucks games is never going to change."

"The NHL and the Canucks have proven they don't care about their fans. They've showed that with all of their lockouts and the Canucks proved it tonight, with their aggressive actions towards paying customers that were doing nothing wrong."

"Is it worth risking the ire of Canucks' fans by waking them up during a game?" said another Whitecaps fan.

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