02/14/2013 05:35 EST

Vacation Sex Preferred By Canadian Women, According To Ipsos Reid Poll


It's February and love is in the air. And on the beach. And in hotel rooms. And just about everywhere Canadian couples travel for vacation, according to an Ipsos Reid survey.

The poll, conducted on behalf of, surveyed 1, 013 women across Canada to gauge their feeling on getting frisky while on vacation. The results? A resounding 'bring it on.' According to the results, 53 per cent of all the women surveyed said that sex on vacation was better than sex at home. That number jumps to 63 per cent for women between the ages of 18 to 34.

"In the dead of winter when sun vacations are on Canadians' minds, it's interesting to explore the motivations and needs for couples to get away, recharge and reconnect," said Trip Central's President, Richard Vanderlubbe.

The study didn't pinpoint a specific reason for the improved sex, but suggested that a vacation provides the right mood for lovemaking. Of the women surveyed, 28 per cent said that a trip away led to "less stress." Twenty-seven per cent of the women said it made things "more relaxing" and 16 per cent said that a vacation gave them "more time to enjoy sex" and made for a "more romantic setting."

Other research suggests that being away from home also helps travellers get in the mood, thanks to freedom from at-home obligations, lower inhibitions and even higher alcohol consumption — factors that all add up to more casual sex behaviour, according to an article published in Psychology Today. The article, "The Passion Paradox," cites big events like spring break leading to 21 per cent of men and 17 per cent of women having casual sex while away.

But not all women found a vacation conducive to their sex life. Some even said trips made things too hectic, with 29 per cent of women adding there are too many things to see and do while on vacation for sex.

The poll marks the third chapter in's investigation into romance and vacations, with earlier studies suggesting that a minority of women are turned on by sex sounds from a neighbouring hotel rooms and that women's top fantasies include sex on the beach.

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