02/14/2013 17:14 EST | Updated 04/16/2013 05:12 EDT

Video shows B.C. woman missing in L.A. acting strangely

The Los Angeles Police Department has released a disturbing video of a 21-year-old Vancouver woman missing in the area.

The video shows Elisa Lam exhibiting strange behaviour in the elevator of the Cecil Hotel.

Lam appears to press every elevator button, seems to be hiding from someone, and is later seen communicating with someone off-camera.

Lam, a UBC student, was last seen by staff at the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on Jan. 31.

Investigators say Lam was in contact with her family on a daily basis and last made contact that same day.

Police said her disappearance is being considered suspicious, and may involve foul play.

The LAPD is working with the RCMP and Interpol on the investigation.