02/15/2013 09:37 EST

Butlers In The Buff Expanding In Canada


When B.C. native Jennifer Didcott moved to the United Kingdom to teach, she didn't expect to marry her neighbour — who was not only sexy but also owned a company called Butlers In The Buff.

Her husband, Jason, started the business in 2001 after he "had the brilliant idea of serving drinks at a party tastefully wearing just a white collar, a bow-tie, white cuff and the now trademark revealing apron," says the company's website.

Today, his U.K. team has grown to 300 men. The couple moved to Canada after getting married and worked on expanding the business in B.C. For $95 per hour, toned semi-clad men are available for hire — with some strict conditions including a no-touching policy.

"It's just the right amount of titillation," said Didcott of her business' offerings to spice up traditional bachelorette parties and drab events.

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Butlers In The Buff

The Burnaby-based company is getting so many bookings in Victoria, Vancouver, Whistler, Kamloops and Kelowna that they have to hire more butlers.

Skype auditions will be held across the country on March 15. Butlers In The Buff is looking for men who can hold party conversations with neutral answers and look good while doing it.

"Personal trainers make good Butlers In The Buff because they're naturally physically fit," said Didcott. But they're not discounting men from other professions. Current B.C. butlers include students and IT professionals in the 23-35 age range.

Friends who pass on successful referrals receive a $100 finder's fee.

Business is "charming, innocent, just a little cheeky," according to the company's website. Academics agree.

Annalee Lepp, the chairwoman of women studies at the University of Victoria, told the Victoria Times Colonist that such hyper-sexualized service jobs both reinforce and challenge sexy macho-men stereotypes.