02/15/2013 02:24 EST | Updated 04/17/2013 05:12 EDT

Calgary's Wily Coyotes Being Tracked By University's Research Roadrunners

CALGARY - Researchers at the University of Calgary are resuming a tracking program to see how city coyotes live in their environment.

They say at least 10 of the animals will be fitted with GPS collars to record their movements.

It's hoped the data will provide better understanding of how the coyotes interact with humans, domestic animals and other urban wildlife.

It will also examine parasites in dogs, coyotes and rodents as part of broader research into wildlife health ecology.

Alessandro Massolo with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine says the information will help the city provide a healthier environment for people, their pets and wildlife.

The study had been on hold after a request from the City of Calgary to make sure the coyotes would be treated humanely.

The tag-and-release program was subject to rigorous academic ethics approval prior to its original launch last August.

“The catch-and-release equipment is humane and not intended to injure animals or people,” Massolo said in a release. “The devices are toothless, padded with rubber and are designed to hold the foot of the coyote.

"They are configured to ensure the pressure exerted by the device will not fracture or break the limbs of an animal."

Massolo said the traps will only be set between dusk and dawn in wooded or bushland areas that are on-leash or no-dog sites.

"They will not affect the way people use our parks and natural areas if they follow existing city bylaws and regulations.”

The program has the support of the city.

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