02/15/2013 09:50 EST | Updated 04/17/2013 05:12 EDT

Hockey dad may be banned from games after outburst

A Manitoba hockey dad could be banned from watching his son’s hockey games following the release of video showing an explosive outburst during a game.

In a YouTube video, hockey-dad Jason Boyd can be seen yelling insults at one of his son's hockey opponents.

The teen’s father, Chuck Kitson, steps in to defend his son by asking Boyd not to insult him.

The confrontation then escalates, and Boyd threatens to Kitson with violence.

“His remarks were uncalled for – completely irresponsible, and for an adult to go on like that, at a kid’s game, is unimaginable,” said Kitson.

The incident happened at a minor-league hockey game on Monday night at the Southdale Community Centre.

“I was intimidated. I was scared. His behavior was as violent and threatening as I’ve seen in any hockey game,” said Kitson.

Later in the game, Kitson’s son Emerson broke his arm. Kitson said Boyd’s outbursts continued even after that.

“He celebrates again. It was hard to watch. These are kids on the ice,” said Kitson.

Kitson's son said he viewed Boyd as a bully but wasn't going to let the incident get to him.

Now, the Lord Selkirk Minor Hockey Association wants Boyd banned from all of its playoff games.

The decision still has to be approved by Hockey Winnipeg, but if upheld, Boyd won't be allowed near the ice for the remainder of the season.

Calls to Boyd were not returned, but his family said the outburst was in the heat of the moment and the ensuing online backlash is unfair.

Boyd’s family said he has since apologized.

Kitson said he’s yet to hear that apology.

“There’s been no apology to the kids, to the referees, to any of the parents,” said Kitson.