02/15/2013 11:03 EST | Updated 04/17/2013 05:12 EDT

St. Jean bridge demolition worries area residents

Community members in St. Jean Baptiste are running out of places to cross the Red River.

St. Jean bridge is slated to come down Saturday and another in the area will close this fall, leaving businesses in the area worrying it’s going to have a big impact on their bottom line.

The bridge, which spans the Red River, connects communities on the east and west side of St. Jean Baptiste.

The bridge will be brought down with explosives Saturday morning but has been closed for safety reasons since the fall of 2012.

The area will become even more difficult to navigate when the Morris Bridge closes later this year.

Roger Lavallee owns a gravel company on the east side of the river and said he hauls gravel across the bridge 10 to 15 times a day.

He said without both bridges the trips will more than triple in distance.

“People I have, like local farmers and all that, it might be better for them to go down west for gravel than it is to come down east, might be just as close,” said Lavallee.

The Morris bridge will close for two months in the fall and for several months the following summer.