02/18/2013 12:43 EST

Ask Me Anything: Calgary Garbage Man Candidly Answers Questions On Reddit


He may not be Bill Gates or Barack Obama or one of the other hundreds of celebrities and notable figures jumping on Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" trend.

But a Calgary "sanitation engineer" (or garbage man, as more commonly known) took some time recently to field questions, under the screen name "Furiousness," about one of the least desirable jobs in the world.

Despite it being a dirty job, Furiousness comes clean about nearly all aspects of being a garbage man and this AMA is one of the more interesting we've ever read. He's often laugh out loud funny as he answers questions about porn, sex toys, what's the weirdest thing he's ever found in the trash and more.

Click through our slideshow below to see some of the questions and answers submitted to the thread. We also recommend reading through the whole AMA over on Reddit.

Q and A With A Garbage Man