02/18/2013 17:30 EST | Updated 04/20/2013 05:12 EDT

Questions remain about Nunavut Senator's residency

Nunavut Senator Dennis Patterson is among the latest senators to face questions about their residency.

They are supposed to live in the province or territory they represent. They also must have a primary residence outside of the Ottawa area if they are claiming up to about $22,000 a year in living allowances.

That has some in Nunavut wondering about their representative in the Senate.

Questions about Senator Patterson’s residency arose when he was named to the Senate in 2009. At the time of his appointment he had been living in British Columbia for many years.

Patterson said then he owns a home in Iqaluit, but he doesn't live there. He said he has an apartment he uses when he’s in the city.

People in Iqaluit are torn as to whether they consider Patterson a resident of the territory. Some say he’s worked hard for the territory and deserves his Senate position. Others say nevertheless, he’s not a resident.

In a statement, Patterson says he provided a Senate committee looking into the matter the information it has requested. He adds he’s confident he has conducted his affairs in a way that respects the rules.