02/18/2013 22:36 EST | Updated 04/20/2013 05:12 EDT

U of R opens gender-neutral washrooms

The University of Regina has opened 10 so-called "gender-neutral" washrooms on campus.

It is one of a number of universities making the move, turning formerly wheelchair accessible single-stall washrooms into facilities for any gender.

Even though the school is only changing a few signs on washroom doors, for Mikayla Schultz, the president of the TransSask Support Services, it symbolises a lot more.

"This sign, to me, is a sign of better things to come," Schultz told CBC News.

Schultz is undergoing a gender transition and said using a woman's washroom has never felt comfortable.

"A woman came into the washroom after me and I over-heard her say that there are strange people in the washroom and making under-the-breath comments about me being in the washroom."

The UR Pride Centre said it's hoping gender-neutral washrooms will be designed into future buildings on campus.

"What that means is that there's going to be an alternative option for people who feel uncomfortable accessing gender washrooms or might feel harassed," said Leah Kesier, with UR Pride.

The signs went up on Feb. 15 and invite anyone, including people with disabilities, to use them.

The switch cost the the university about $2,000.