02/19/2013 02:31 EST

Timothy Corbin's Lake Ontario Photos Capture Beautiful Winter Scenes

Timothy Corbin

When winter weather starts to bum us out, we need incredible photos like these to remind us how gorgeous Canada's frosty climate can be.

Photographer Timothy Corbin snapped these stunning pictures in early February on the stretch of Lake Ontario shore between Whitby and Oshawa. The images show a landscape made icy by waves brought on by winter storms, the Daily Mail reported.

Most Canadians have certainly seen their fair share of snow this year, especially given the recent blizzards that have blanketed Ontario and Atlantic Canada, but we've never seen anything quite like these winter scenes before.

Check out more of Corbin's amazing photos at and on his Flickr page. And if you want to show off your own wonderful winter photos, submit them here.

Amazing Lake Ontario Photos