02/19/2013 13:05 EST | Updated 04/21/2013 05:12 EDT

Vigil planned for Victoria fire victims

A candlelight vigil will be held Tuesday night for three young adults killed by a fire that tore through a Victoria home last weekend.

Emily Morin, 20, and Mark Mitchell, 26, died at the house on Johnson Street, while a third victim, 22-year-old Georgia Klap, died later in hospital.

It's believed the fire began during a house party, while several out-of-town guests were staying at the house.

Morin's parents Bill and Heather are doing their best to cope with their loss.

"The pain comes in waves and sometimes you're fine and sometimes you fall apart," they said.

"We are very aware that we are living everyone's worst nightmare. Not only did our children pass away, but the way they passed away."

Fire investigators believe the fire began in a smouldering couch on the front porch. Flames and smoke poured in when the front door was opened.

Fire Chief Jeff Lambert confirmed there were no working smoke detectors in the multiple suite home, which he said is the landlord's responsibility.

"It's hard after the fact when people have lost people to start pointing fingers and frankly, I don't believe anybody learns anything from that."

Meanwhile, there are makeshift memorials at the house and at the Pacific Rim College, where Morin was studying Alternative Medicine.

The college will host a candlelight vigil for the three victims at 7 p.m. in Market Square Tuesday.