Condom Ice Cream: Canadians In Japan Try Out Weird And Popular Snack (VIDEO)

There are many, many things about Japan that make us believe the country is in fact living in the future, not the least of which includes the fantastical food creations coming out of its borders.

For two Canadian exchange students living in Japan, the discoveries can happen at any time — for instance, when shopping in a convenience store and deciding to try out what they term "condom ice cream," better known in Japan as Gomu Yokki Aisu, or Ice Cream Filled Rubber, according to Rocket News 24.

As you can see in the video above, what follows is, well, exactly what you might expect with ice cream contained in rubber. Is it delicious? Yes, says food blogger Dominique Zamora, as well as a supposedly neat way to eat a cold treat on a hot day.

But for Sharla in Japan, whose video is currently making the rounds of those who want to live in a place where something as mundane as ice cream can become an adventure, it's a seriously messy endeavour, one that Rocket News claims will keep Japanese people from ever eating it again. Which seems like a shame.

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